Sara Haworth

I am a healer and teacher of spiritual practice, with over twenty years experience. Every session, every person, is individual and each time we follow the guidance of spirit and the flow of healing. People come to receive help to find their own path to recovery, creativity, flourishing relationships, having children, changing jobs, and having a vibrant and ongoing spiritual practice of their own.

Healing the Body and Soul
We all experience imbalance or illness at times in our lives. But healing is not just about recovery. It’s about becoming powerful, solving problems, thinking for yourself, making your own decisions. This approach to healing looks for the source of imbalance, whether physical, emotional, ancestral or environmental, and opens the way for transformation.

Spiritual Connection
• Talking with spirit: consultation, guidance, learning to listen
• Awakening to life’s purpose
• Meeting the ancestors
• Connecting with the earth
• Finding your spiritual path

Mexican Traditional Healing
Comes from an ancient body of knowledge, traditions and philosophy, including observation of nature, humanity and the cycles of time.
• Diagnostic massage
• Energy release
• Spirit retrieval
• Temascal (sweat lodge)