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I have lived in my South London neighbourhood for more than twenty years and I believe that we flourish when we are part of a community, and when we feel connected to nature. Even in the city, there is a thriving network of people who believe in caring for the earth, and sustaining ourselves with ceremonies, celebrations, and personal healing when we need it.

A Bit of History

As a young film maker I had gone into psychotherapy and group work, trying to heal the splits in myself, my ability to feel great illumination and deep despair. It helped, but after ten years, I still didn’t feel whole.

In 1997 I had a series of bereavements, which woke me up and propelled me to be fully in life. I started with dance, ceremony, and connecting with spirit through nature. This led me to shamanic practice, and in 1999 to meeting Dawn Russell of Eagle’s Wing, who became a teacher and healer to me for the next ten years.

In 2001 I trained with Sandra Ingerman, Nan Moss and David Corbin from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, and am still affiliated with Sandra Ingerman through her website of practitioners.

I have been working since then with trance and ceremonial healing methods, and have created my own practice following the guidance of spirit. I have worked with hundreds of people, from all walks of life, and have seen the growth of spirituality in the last decades as a welcome sign of our increasing consciousness.

I met healer and teacher Miahuatzin Buendia Sanchez in 2004, and undertook an 8-year apprenticeship in the medicine and philosophy of the Mexihkas. I have led students in London and Greece to become practitioners and teachers too.

In 2007 as a complement to the Mexican path, I started to work with William Bloom in holistic spiritual practice, and have become a Spiritual Companion and Spiritual Health Mentor (see This pathway honours all traditions of spirituality, and seeks to grow away from hierarchy and exclusion, while retaining discipline and rigour in the spiritual practice.