Teacher Miahuatzin with student Pactecuchtli

There is a wide variety of practices in Mexican traditional healing. I have listed several here to give you a flavour of the ‘medicine’.

Diagnostic massage (tlahuayo) is a deep massage which realigns the skeleton, organs, muscles and tissues. It is useful in treating the majority of physical and emotional conditions, bringing to light what is out of balance and preparing us for spiritual work.

Cleansing (limpia) is a colourful and energising process using e.g. flowers, herbs, candles, to uplift, lighten the soul, and to assist with discharging physical symptoms.

Spirit retrieval (susto) is a ceremony to call the spirit back into the body following shock, trauma, or chronic conditions.

A session can last up to two hours, including time for platica (talking), and grounding afterwards. Depending on your situation, I may recommend three treatments in a row, or a session with a follow-up after 20 days. The practice is highly flexible and applicable to most circumstances, as there is usually a way of working, whatever the severity of the illness.

Temascal (Sweat Lodge)

Ceremonies that connect us with the earth and the elements, for celebration and healing, building trust with others in a beautiful and sacred space.


The healing practices are part of a wider philosophy, with other branches being dance, ethics, understanding consciousness, astronomy, the counting of time… It is a very rich tradition and I feel deep gratitude for having been privileged to study and share in it.