Is This for You?

If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, or other symptoms of illness, including mental health, please reach out to the NHS first (NHS 111 online).

Spiritual healing is deeply powerful and supportive in many ways, but is often not recommended for anyone experiencing psychosis.

 I understand that many people may be experiencing crisis of one kind or another, including financial stress. I try to make the work available to those in need, at the same time as staying afloat myself. I recommend having a short phone chat before making an appointment to discuss your needs. I may suggest other avenues of support in the event that I am unable to work with you or I feel you would benefit from a different approach.


No previous spiritual experience or contact with energy work is necessary, but it’s a good idea to have some recognition of your own spirituality and a willingness to be open and to communicate honestly in the session. You may have a physical, emotional or spiritual issue, be undergoing medical treatment, or other forms of therapy – we will take into account all that you are doing to heal yourself, and tailor the work accordingly. You may also be looking to overcome blocks, wake up your creativity or find your own spiritual path and deepen your connection – we will be open to guidance while still encouraging you to come to your own decisions.

I am offering sessions both online/distant and in person. A healing session is around two hours, and you are likely to need time afterwards to absorb and integrate.

You may prefer a 'spiritual companionship' session of one hour, where you can work through issues to do with personal/spiritual development, receive guidance and support. The emphasis is on empowering you on your own spiritual journey.

My fee structure is on a sliding scale, which I will explain when you contact me.

To get in touch, please use one of the following options

  • m: 07949 283 256
  • Whatsapp: 07949 283 256
  • (Please don’t call the mobile – better to email , text or whatsapp message first, and we can arrange to chat.)